The functionality of a home is extremely important in shaping the quality of our lives.
Each residence has its own beauty, but at the same time it also has its own construction challenges.
One of these challenges is choosing the right screen system for each space.

With more than thirty years of expertise and experience, the IDECO team is here to guide you in choosing the right screen for every opening.
The right way to choose the right screen system is based on the " difficulty level" of each opening.
That is, according to the frequency with which we enter and exit from the inside of the space to the outside.
However, there are other factors that influence our choice, such as the sunshine, the wind and the humidity of the area where we live.

Thus, if our house is located in a coastal area where humidity gradually but inevitably corrodes the construction materials,
then we choose a screen of high resistance to ensure the long-term durability of the fabric against environmental factors.
In addition, in a house that receives a lot of sunlight we need screens whose fabric has a high UV index.
In this case we prefer the pleated cloth in the shade of black instead of grey.



If we live in a detached house, the kitchen is the room we go in and out of most often.
But even in an apartment, the balcony door of the kitchen or living room is the one that is opened more often than the others.
Therefore, we need a screen with great resistance, a screen with a guarantee of good and long-term operation so that we do not have to replace it soon.
An ideal model is the Royal 32 and Royal 22 screen system.


The frequency with which we go out to the balcony from the opening of the living room is also very high.
So the need for a screen system with great strength and durability over time remains.
Ideal living room screens are the Royal Maximum with visible lower wire rope which offers unlimited resistance over time and the Bilateral Royal.
More specifically, Royal Maximum is the appropriate choice for large openings.
It can be manufactured in two-leaf and three-leaf versions, for openings up to 12 meters.
Finally, the Royal screen's two-chamber slide guide helps to collect external debris in the first chamber, protecting the ropes from wear.


A part from their daily short ventilation, bedrooms are considered spaces in which we open and close windows and balcony doors less often.
So since durability is not the number one requirement, a more economical solution is proposed in the bedrooms that does not increase the cost.
An ideal choice is the Pietta 22 & 32 sieve with an invisible side rope.


In the bathroom, a Fixed Screen is recommended, which protects the space by allowing its continuous ventilation.
In addition, in the remaining windows of the house, a Vertical Movement Screen with a stopper with a return brake is recommended.